Unleash the Empress or Emperor

Unleash the Empress or Emperor

Based on Shaman Isis’s book
3 months 

1 Initial Consultation Session
12-14 Zoom Coaching Sessions
1 Intuitive Life Reading Session
1 Energy Reading & Healing Session
Copy of the Unleash the Empress Book

Description: This is a 12-week complete life transformation course based. Based on Shaman Isis’s book Unleash the Empress: Spiritual Health for Life Wealth, This course is for those that want a whole new life! You will learn the seven steps of spiritual health that create life wealth. This course will take you from depression and bad habits to positive energy, mindfulness, abundance, and mastering your life. We’ll do this by identifying and breaking unhealthy patterns and cycles, implementing new habits, adding energy-enhancing methods, discovering and riding your limiting beliefs, and replacing them with masterful emotional intelligence. You will achieve a balance between mind, body, and soul and discover emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual fulfillment.

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