Einstein Proven Wrong! What's Faster Then The Speed of Light?

Einstein Proven Wrong! What's Faster Than The Speed of Light?

Einstein was WRONG! Yes, you read that correctly. Einstein's theory about the speed of light has been proven wrong. Information can be communicated between entangled particles faster than the speed of light. 

Alain Aspect, John F. Clauser, and Anton Zellinger won the 2022 Nobel Prize for Physics for proving that two entangled particles communicate information faster than the speed of light. Specifically, they won for experiments with entangled photons, establishing a violation of Bell's inequalities and establishing quantum information science. This discovery, once thought a waste of research, is igniting the field of Quantum Information Science and will raise quantum computing, cryptography, data science, and data security to profound new levels. 

Do they understand what they understand? Not exactly. They have, however, proven that the world is more mysterious and fascinating than even Einstein thought. So, what does this have to do with intuition? Like magic, intuition is another phenomenon that science still needs to figure out. 

As an intuitive person for most of my life, I am thrilled to see this "kooky," "wasteful" research be awarded the top prize. Why? Scientists who looked into quantum entanglement were made fun of. Oddly, the science world likes to insult what it cannot understand. Throughout history, science has proven how something magical works. So, why so doubtful about other concepts that many believe but have yet to be confirmed? 

I realized that I was intuitive as a toddler. Yes, I have particular experiences confirmed by sane family members. Although out of fear of criticism, I never told a soul until a few years ago. 

Why do we allow what we know to be true to be buried under other people's doubt? Imagine how advanced our world would be if scientists had not (basically) blocked all research in quantum entanglement with eye-rolls and doubt. Einstein also made fun of the study. Is he rolling over? 

They KNEW it was mysterious. However, instead of admitting they feared what they didn't understand, they accused anyone who tried to look into it. This is one reason I love NASA. They aren't afraid of the unknown.

My experiences made me realize that thought could be communicated a great distance through energy. As a teen, I even tried to argue this point with a science teacher. I am unsure if they understood my meaning: "I thought that thought was faster than light."

Anyway, we are going to see huge strides in the area of science and mysticism. Science has already proven that thought leaves our minds as light energy. If two entangled particles can communicate information instantly across great distances, this supports how some intuitive abilities work.

So, why is someone else reading your thought energy as it leaves your head so hard to believe? Why is knowing what others cannot so hard to believe. I think it's time for science to be a little more open-minded about what they call a "kooky waste of time." A Nobel Prize for "kooky" research is a great place to start!

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