How Do You Create Your Reality? Science Agrees, We Do It With Every Thought, Word

How Do You Create Your Reality? Science Agrees, We Do It With Every Thought, Word

Our thoughts create the path we walk long before our feet touch the first stone. This phenomenon is something I observed in my life ages ago. This lesson has been reinforced through my experiences with manifestations. I have repeatedly manifested career opportunities and experiences that everyone said were impossible. We have much more power over our reality than we are taught. Are you using your thoughts wisely? 

The scientific world is supporting something Buddhists have known for centuries. Everything from Quantum Physics to Dr. Emoto's Water Experiments to Modern Spirituality is full of examples of how we create our reality through our thoughts. 

One of my favorite New Earth News podcasts was on how quantum physics and spirituality align. Not only is the definition of a quantum physics field the same as spirit, but we have the Observer Effect and groundbreaking entangled particle research. 

The observer effect describes the relationship between sub-atomic particles and the observer. Quantum Physics has shown through repeated experiments that subatomic particles collapse into a single place in time after they have been observed. They are deducing the observer affects the very outcome of the research.

"Choose your thoughts with care and watch your reality transform." - Cynthia Elliott, Shamanisis.

This effect means that there is no reality until someone perceives that reality. This profound insight tells us that we alter every object in the world simply by paying attention to it. If you are not happy with an experience in your life, you can choose to change your focus to something more aligned with you.

Recently, the Nobel Prize for Physics was given to three scientists that proved that entangled particles communicate information faster than the speed of light. So, Einstein was wrong about the speed of light, and entangled particles can communicate from two separate parts of the world. You can make changes to one, and somewhere on the other side of the galaxy, it will adjust to the changes made elsewhere. That speaks volumes about how amazing our world is. 

Dr. Masaru Emoto studied the effect of our consciousness on water and found that positive and negative emotional energies change water's physical structure. Dr. Emoto exposed glasses of water to negative and positive words, songs and images and then froze the water to examine the formation of crystals under a microscope.

Dr. Emotos' experiments found that water exposed to positive words and thoughts would result in visually stunning crystal structures. In contrast, water exposed to negative comments and ideas would result in messy and disturbing (violent comes to mind) crystal patterns.

Another example of the power of thought is the Nocebo Effect. The "nocebo" effect measures the expectation of a negative experience. Studies found that by giving a sugar pill to a person with lactose intolerance, the participant would experience negative stomach issues. They did this simply because they believed they had ingested something that would give them discomfort. They created their own stomach ache. That is not to say people are faking it but to drive home - what we think, we become.

The results of the Nocebo Effect are fascinating to scientists who study consciousness. If a negative expectation is powerful enough to induce physical symptoms, what are the implications in other areas of life?  

Human beings have a schema that helps us understand the randomness of life. Psychology believes that we are more likely to notice objects that align with our schema, reinforcing our beliefs about life. We are also less likely to see things that we do not. 

Cynthia shares an excerpt from her upcoming self-love book, Unleash the Empress: Spiritual Health for Life Wealth.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy believes that our thoughts cause our feelings and behaviors, not people, places, and things. CBT premises with distorted thinking patterns can be engineered to change how we perceive the external world. Therefore improving our experience of it.

Modern spirituality subscribes to the idea that belief is a thought you continue to think. A belief system is a consistent pattern of thoughts you continue thinking. Our chronic thought patterns can have the most significant impact on our reality. "I am deserving" or "Nothing is going to change" will manifest your reality. Therefore, once you know your belief and acknowledge that it is based on your perception rather than reality, you can proactively choose better thoughts.  

As I mentioned in my morning devotion on the Wisdom App, we are taught victimhood. When, in fact, we are born with the extraordinary ability to design our reality. In my upcoming book, Unleash the Empress: Spiritual Health for Life Wealth (Holiday 2022), I teach how to create the world of your dreams through your thoughts, words, and actions. You really can manifest the life of your dreams. It starts with accepting that every thought, word, and act matters.

You create your reality with every thought you choose, so choose wisely. 

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