Is Your Level of Consciousness Rising?

Is Your Level of Consciousness Rising?

Has Your Consciousness Elevated to New Heights? Here are 14 Signs of Advancing Consciousness

Are you a spiritual being? Have you had a spiritual awakening or spiritual journey in recent years? Perhaps you suspect that you have reached a new level of consciousness.

Consciousness is defined as the sentience of existence. Think of robot sentience. I would say internal and external existence, but that depends on your view of collective consciousness and the nature of reality. 

Anyway, after my last evolution, I realized that I had reached a new level of consciousness. It did not come without a great deal of self-reflection and serious personal change. I am, by no means, the only one. The age of the coronavirus is combined with the need to work from home, giving us more personal time and driving millions to seek out self-care, mindfulness, spirituality, fitness, and meditation to stay sane. 

One factor that supported this evolution was most people's newfound desire to stay away from healthcare facilities and doctors of any kind. It promoted self-care and healing, and that perfect storm of factors elevated the level of consciousness around the globe. 

Are you wondering if you are in consciousness? There are signs that can tell you if you are elevating levels of consciousness.

Here are 14 signs to help you identify if your consciousness has risen to new levels. 

  1. Embody the phrase living-in-gratitude 

  2. Changing habits, cutting out destructive habits 

  3. Take full responsibility for your choices and actions

  4. Own your own emotions and care for others' happiness

  5. You embody self-love

  6. Vibration is consistently elevated

  7. Your energy is also softer and lighter

  8. Accept change with more ease

  9. Cut out toxic people

  10. You are more kind, loving, and compassionate 

  11. More productive 

  12. You feel no need to compete with others

  13. You are more peaceful 

  14. Your intuition is improving 

  15. You no longer react


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