What a Wonderful World It Would Be If We Tripled Human Consciousness!

This week's New Earth News podcast discusses the mission of my new book, Unleash the Empress. Our mission is to triple the number of people living in consciousness. Why would we choose that mission? If we tripled human consciousness we would dramatically alter the planet and how people enjoy life.

In consciousness, we embody inner intelligence. Increasing the number of people in consciousness would create a paradigm shift in the way we live our lives. Time is of the essence. My intuition and futurist vision tell me that we must do this before AI settles across the globe. That, realistically, gives us 3-5 years to accomplish our mission.

Organized religion, the American Dream, and capitalism are in the throes of death. This has created a lack of clear vision for how to live a beautiful life. Add to that the fear-mongering news media and broken oppressive system and we get a mental health crisis in America and beyond.

In Unleash the Empress, I write about how teaching inner intelligence, and consciousness, would reverse the mental health trend. Imagine a world where the average person is empowered, aware, and no longer reactionary. It would change everything. We need to triple consciousness to further reverse mental health decline while simultaneously peppering the world with powerful change agents. We need this to happen before AI unfolds in our Universe.

We need a percentage of the population that can see AI for the opportunity it holds and drive our implementation of it in a positive direction. With AI and consciousness working hand in hand we can build an even dreamier world.

Can you imagine human consciousness and AI working together? I can! ( Please support my efforts to spread consciousness by ordering Unleash the Empress on Amazon! We have a special low launch price to get the word out!

Happy Holidays,

Cynthia, ShamanIsis.com

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