Why Do Most New Year's Resolutions Fail? How to Keep Your Resolution and Make 2023 Your Best Year!

Do you want to know why most people do not keep their New Year's Resolutions? I found this out the hard way. I made every mistake under the sun and lived with such shame and guilt over not being perfect that it never occurred to me that:
  1. We are allowed to be happy after making mistakes
  2. We must forgive ourselves and others for the past
  3. We have to heal our trauma to break the patterns that feed unhealthy habits 
  4. We must create entirely new habits to create a new life

Most people do not keep their resolution because a superficial resolution does not address the healing that must take place to create new habits and patterns. If you want your life to change dramatically, you will need to heal your history and exchange your old habits for healthy new ones. 

This may sound simple, but healing means reconciling your past. You will need to get your mindset into a healthy place. You will need to let go of all the excuses you have used in the past. You may need to forgive the unforgivable. You do that for yourself. 

Our unique experiences, mistakes and traumas, are our superpower. Use your history to empower your future. 

In Unleash the Empress, I share a healing technique that allowed me to change,  grow, and create a life that makes me excited to jump out of bed in the morning. It allowed me to lose all of the weight, get fit, and reinvent my life. Which is why I am sharing the process in my new book.

Do you want that kind of change? If so, you should decide, then commit, then start thinking of all the areas of your life, I call these the 8 areas of life mastery, and begin to dream and design the 2023 you want to experience.

Keep in mind that you create your reality with your thoughts and feelings. 

In the healing section of my new book, I include a healing workbook that shows you how to identify the patterns that keep you stuck in generational trauma and unhealthy cycles. The technique allows you to restart your life. Feel free to email me for a free copy of the workbook at intention@shamanisis.com

If you want to design a life you will love in 2023, heal your past and create new habits. 

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