Shaman Isis

Cynthia Elliott, the Shaman Isis, is a Spiritual Guide, Author, Speaker, Communication Pioneer, Brand & Leadership Coach, Eco-Designer, and Cultural Commentator.

For over 20 years, Cynthia Elliott, the Shaman Isis, has helped brands, executives, business icons, and celebrities realize their dreams. As a strategic visionary who founded the field of brand communications and coined the phrase influencer marketing, she drives change that shifts lives, businesses, and the cultural landscape. Her straight-talking warmth and intuitive style delight clients and audiences, especially on the topics of healing, self-love, and inner intelligence.

It wasn't always that way. Cynthia learned inner intelligence by repairing the life she had made a mess of. In her work, she shares the brutal lessons she learned and teaches people and brands how to create a life experience they love.

These days she uses her inner IQ process, called The Masterpiece Method, to guide others toward their purpose and dreams. She does this through consulting, speeches, coaching, and online courses.

Cynthia's work has put international brands back on the map, turned products into the latest superfood, and made inventions the newest craze for global trendsetters. She has helped countless professionals spread their wings and achieve their desires.

If you are seeking to make your mark, Cynthia can help speed your vision to reality, save you a fortune, or help you ignite your life or career goals. If you are a brand, she can help you or your team shift into a more progressive, sustainable, and inclusive business model.

Cynthia documented her life experiences in Unleash the Empress: Spiritual Health for Life Wealth, a must-read for anyone healing from trauma, seeking consciousness, a dramatic transformation, or finding mind, body, and soul harmony.

Her kindness, energy, and directness keep her in demand with clients and brands worldwide. If you or your business want to become more diverse, joyful, mindful, or sustainable, she is the consultant for you.

Cynthia's endeavors include books, inspirational speaking, courses, events, brand communications (, eco-fashion (, business, leadership, and life coaching (, and her podcast (New Earth News hosted by Shaman Isis).