My Story

Hi, my name is Cynthia Elliott, also known as Shaman Isis. I am a mindfulness educator & mentor specializing in emotional mastery, healing, and helping others build blissful lives & businesses. I am also a communication pioneer, author, keynote speaker, & podcaster.

During my wild and fabulous journey, I founded three industries, influencer marketing, brand communications, and personal branding, now studied worldwide. It's a testament to anyone's ability to change an industry. Along the way: I healed my history, recovered from shame and depression, and discovered the science of happiness. Which I now share with others who want to live and work joyfully.

I teach executives and businesses how to use emotional intelligence, disruption, communication, and innovation to create beautiful life and work experiences. I do this through writing, consulting, workshops, retreats, inspirational speeches, book signings, and virtual or in-person events and courses.

I am delighted that my work has helped people blossom, put international brands back on the map, turned products into superfoods, and made inventions household names. I have been fortunate to help countless professionals and businesses spread their wings and achieve their goals. Let me help you achieve yours through the Science of Happiness. 

Reach out today for an exploratory call to learn the many ways I work with people and brands. Below, find more on my journey as a mindfulness educator and mentor.

With warmth,


Shaman Isis

Cynthia Elliott, the Shaman Isis, timeline
Cynthia Elliott, the Shaman Isis, timeline

 My Journey & Work:

"I healed and became fearless in creating the life of my dreams. I want to help you do the same!"

My life has been a series of great learning experiences; some sought and many gifted. Although not always seen that way at the time.

That life included an orphanage, a stalker foster father, shattering my leg, losing my family, and many near-death experiences. I ran from Tennessee to create a dream career in NYC fashion. Success would make me happy. Right? I even became an unlikely marketing pioneer

It sure makes for great photos. I worked with iconic stars, founded the influencer marketing and brand communications industries, and created huge trends. I did all this while keeping many secrets, like my struggles with depression.

Why did I never talk about my real life? I was afraid people would judge me or the business world would learn about my mistakes. At this point, I was running from myself.

One day, I finally snapped after failing to get my sustainable collection to launch before the coronavirus closure. I was 80 pounds overweight, deeply depressed, burnt out, ashamed, and tired of playing the role of the PR socialite.

I needed to learn to be myself. I needed to learn self-love. I went on an epic healing journey and life renaissance. It was a beautiful and painful time! 

After my transformation, I put together programs that encompassed everything I used to change myself inside and outside. I now use those methods to help others dramatically change their life or business. I dream of everyone finding mind+body+soul harmony.

These days, I am physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally stronger than ever. I no longer live in fear, anxiety, depression, or anger. I am free and live joyfully. The processes I developed released me from the prison of the mind, allowed me to take command of my inner world, and helped me manifest a new life. I want that experience for you! I want you to leap out of bed every morning excited about YOUR LIFE! 

You can change anything! You can live peacefully and joyfully. You can be a masterpiece made from the pain you endured.

You can turn that pain into your superpower. Let me show you how.


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